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H u m a n   D e s i g n

Human Design naturally became the system my inner projector sees and knows the world with. Through the lens of HD I understand shadows, motivations and energetic workings of others.

I am a heretic with inner knowing, and while I am highly aligned with traditional HD, you will soon sense the unique flair of my transmissions.

I n n e r   G u i d a n c e 

I live and breathe for inner guidance, which is basically why I am put onto this earth. My own inner states are colorful and dreamlike, and I work with archetypes, spirit guides, dream realms, a little magic, and you, if you let me. 

This is the creative streak of my offerings, where my inner visions will pour into your soul. 

E x i s t e n s i a l   K i n k

Let us weave together the juiciest fabric of strings that hold the most magnetic parts of yourself - shadow and all! It will be everything you ever where and potentially can be. From this fabric we sow the garments of your wildest dreams, for you to wear as they become you, and you become the dreams they were made of.

B i r t h   &   B e y o n d

My initiation happened when I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. The transformational powers available in birth portals come nowhere near anything I have seen anywhere else. I have a deep calling to share my experience and pass on the torch made from the raw primordial flames. A deep call to support women over thresholds.

Coming soon
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