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Human Design

With Human Design I feel a deeper alignment with my path, and a surrendered trust in life as it unfolds.

My entire journey is about leaning even deeper into an embodied awe of it all, and witnessing how love already expresses itself so freely. We are not here to do or change much, everything is already perfect, as it is. But we are here to experience that felt sense of wonder that arises when we see the world and our surroundings through the lens we each uniquely carry and with the awareness only we hold. We see and experience life entirely different.

Do you recognize your own personal lens?

"I was not prepared at all for the power of Ása´s reading, which made me feel like I was drinking my Design as a psychoactive brew. It truly came alive in my body, as something to be deeply received, not just heard about."

                                                                              Generator 5/1

Human Design Alignment Sessions

"This was an intensely penetrating container that left me completely moved and with an abundance of newfound clarity, as well as love and awe for who I have always been and will always be.

This encounter will absolutely change my life."

                                                                              Generator 5/1


How Human Design relates to my other services

Aligning to the Form

An introduction to Human Design as a form principle and how that relates to a felt sense of our designs and life force it self....

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