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D i v i n g   i n t o   t h e   u n k n o w n

Something truly magical happens when we pause the keen sense of sight, close our eyes and allow our inner visions to unfold. Everyone has the capacity to discover this rich inner world, but often we need to learn how to allow it to unfold.

T r y   i t   o u t   f o r   y o u r s e l f

We all have different strength and senses, but even so, we all have inner worlds and subconscious states that show themselves and communicate through images, symbols and myths.


If you are curious I offer guided tours!

We meet for an hour, and you can either have a question prepared or be there for the experience. 

Energetic exchange: 777,- DKK

V i s u a l i z a t i o n   &   D r e a m   W o r k 

The more I work with and surrender into the depths of this magnificent tool, the more my inner worlds show themselves to me and weave into each others' domain. A symbol from a coaching session shows up again during nightly dreams, and later I intentionally revisit the image to gain a deeper understanding of what the image is trying to show me. I have discovered only a small section of what seems to be an entire new world!

Unconsious Layer

In my work and personal understanding, the body is the unconscious, and the keeper of our experiences. It holds more information than your conscious mind can even begin to comprehend. Aligning with and allowing the body is deep work, and it is where all the magic happens!

L a y e r s   o f   o u r   J o u r n e y

Conscious Layer

Subconscious Layer

Your conscious layer is what you are aware of and know as being yourself. It is the way you speak, dress and behave in the world.

But let me share a secret - this is not the most powerful layer nor whole truth, and it is often damagingly misaligned with reality. 

In your subconscious layer rests your recent memories and your lesser known desires. Knowing your subconscious is the surest way to not only make your dreams come true, but also to align with a deeper felt sense of being uniquely and fully yourself - warts and all.

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