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Existential Kink


"Allow it all, 
do not settle for half"

Inside you lives this amazing being, who was always allowed to be everything you already are.

With Existential kink we learn to awaken and love all parts of ourselves, so we becoming truly magnetic in a world that will soon begin to resonate even deeper than you have ever dared to imagine possible!


S e s s i o n

This is deep work, and sometimes, a  single session is all it takes. Also, if you have worked with me before you are always welcome back to a single session.




T a s t e

If you have never worked with me before, you are welcome to schedule a 15 mins session to sense my energy and whether we are the perfect fit for this work!


C o n t a i n e r

I offer both predefined and customized containers, depending on my mood and your preferences. In any form, it will be filled with play, integration and depth!


“If you want to know who you unconsciously believe you are, just take a look at your life, your surroundings, your relationship. Your life mirrors those deep beliefs.”

Carolyn Elliott         

Let’s Work Together


Existential Kink is a practice designed to make the conscious and unconscious layers within us merge together as an integration of shadow and light. 
When applied in coaching, my main focus is giving
radical approval for you - warts and all!

By loving up, allowing and accepting your lesser known and appreciated aspects, you become more whole and can be authentically yourself in life. 

For some people the desire is to manifest a life with less distance between dreams and reality,
for others it is a way of coming home and actually knowing who you are and where you are going.

Which one are you?

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