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L i o n   G a t e   S p e c i a l s

For eight days only, I offer these three beautiful gifts in the deepest honor and reverence of the Underworld and the magic it holds

for those of us who dare to descend!


My passion in life is transformation and I occupy no space as much as the one of thresholds.

If I look to my Human Design I am born in the quarter of mutation and endless transformation. If I look to my astrological placements, there is a heavy influence from Pluto on my path in life.


I have always known, that I was born to die! 

Again and again in the name of transformation and rebirth.  

So I have gathered a great deal of experience in working with the Underworld and surrendering into the transformations that we are all being called to undergo from time to time.

I have learned to descend and come back with new-found embodied soul pieces.


And now, I invite you to come along <3



Sometimes we need to test the waters and experience on our own bodies what all this is about before diving in head first. This session is designed for you!

You will only need an hour and a half,

but oh, what we can make of that!

Come as you are to receive en experience or come prepared with the specific theme you want to release or a dream you deeply want to come true.

If you are ready to really dive deep, you will know, because you will already have been called. Maybe as an ache in your left toe, maybe in your dreams, or perhaps from a subtle inner voice. 

1 : 1 mentorship with 5 sessions where we look into your Human Design, design specific personalized home work, and use our session for coaching and guidance. 

My inbox will be open for you!

Ready to face your shadows in an online circle of women? This container is just for that, and we will travel deep together!

There will be a lot of home'work' and personal writing assignments, along with online lessons and ceremony. 

We will embark on this journey as august ends and september begins.

Only 8 spots available,

is one of them yours?

Get ready to Roar

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